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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Robbie Norris’ Richmond City Jail Yoga Project 

As I walk away from wherever I practice I like to look back & think about what I’m leaving behind, then I enjoy the time afterwards that it takes for the “stuff to try and return.” It never all comes back? It feels like a little is lost in the process! Sometimes a lot and …

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Rampuri & Hadot 

technosophy word. Have y'all ever heard of Baba Rampuri? He is an interesting cat. He traveled to India in 1969 and never came back, instead joined up with a group of ascetics called the Naga Babas, whose ancient order has since inducted him as their first international member. He has written a book about it, …

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Yoga as Aesthesis 

Yoga is something that happens frequently and is inseparable from living. You’re doing yoga whenever you concentrate on the aesthetic experience. Once your palette drops from the roof of your mouth you are doing yoga. And we do this whenever we see something beautiful or taste something that absorbs all of our attention. via Interview …

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Guruji’s Precession – AYNY 

He taught unstintingly for almost three-quarters of a century, with no thought of fame or pecuniary gain. Although in his later years these have come to him, it has not been from any desire on his part for them. Instead, he was a brilliant example of unwavering dedication. Never advertising himself, but remaining at home, …

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