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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Digital Composition (Reid) 

The word “glitch” is interesting in itself. It was first used by astronauts in 1962, specifically John Glenn, to describe a sudden change or spike in voltage. There is some contention that the word comes from German and Yiddish words for slipping. Perhaps there is a onomatopoetic quality to the term. If you could hear …

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Rampuri & Hadot 

technosophy word. Have y'all ever heard of Baba Rampuri? He is an interesting cat. He traveled to India in 1969 and never came back, instead joined up with a group of ascetics called the Naga Babas, whose ancient order has since inducted him as their first international member. He has written a book about it, …

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For medicine, the population growth means that there will be a huge abundance of mutations that have arisen in the past few generations, since population genetics won't have time to lose any via genetic drift, or get rid of them through selective pressure. Many of these mutations will be unique, limited to an original founder …

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Balzac’s Hidden Masterpiece 

"Ah!" he cried, "did you not expect such perfection? You stand before a woman, and you are looking for a picture! There are such depths on that canvas, the air within it is so true, that you are unable to distinguish it from the air you breathe. Where is art? Departed, vanished! Here is the …

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