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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Synergetic Networks 

Locations in a logical space may have any number of addressing elements i.e. coordinates -- and the analogy between such a "logical space" and the space of visual-tactile experiences is embedded in metaphors. Connections between any two experiences, regardless of when-where they occurred, are edges, to which edges the properties of tension pull and compression …

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Hypercross Dogmatics 

20th Century western metaphysics, includes hypercross dogmatics, by which I mean the preaching that human sensory apparatus, with or without instrumental enhancements, is, by some flaw in its design, locked out of certain critical perceptual realms knowable only vicariously via sophisticated hypercross mathematics. Hypercross mathematics posits a fourth axis perpendicular to the three already mutually …

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Fuller’s Dimensionality 

Fuller was enthused and infused by the early century hype surrounding the "dimension" concept, with writers going everywhichway in their attempts to give a creative -- perhaps breakthrough -- spin to this signifier, now in "free fall" almost owing to its dislodging from Euclidean and Newtonian moorings. It was a heady time for all, not …

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