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Goethe’s Colors 

Goethe's interdisciplinary method(s) and a chromatic theory of discipline For me, one of the most interesting things about Goethe is that he was one of the last of what I'd like to call here the 'Rennaissance men'; thinkers (certainly not only men, to be sure), who, throughout Europe's so-called Enlightenment era, approached science from what …

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Adams’ Fatality 

Identity, Historicity, Indeterminacy I would agree with Prof. McClintock that Adams' thought retains an acute relevance for contemporary educational thought. But I do think that this relevance is difficult to see. To me, Adams comes across as a bizarre, fascinating character, in that his attempts to ground an historiographical methodology in a Gibbsian statistical mechanics …

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Camus’ Aspirations 

Formative Capture and Interpretive Irreducibility I wanted to respond to our first class, albeit belatedly, and to the class as a whole, or some of its themes, as they emerged in our first discussion. I'm working from my notes. "There is a difference between what we know and how we grow" - I have this …

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