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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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ICLS & interdisciplinarities… 

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For medicine, the population growth means that there will be a huge abundance of mutations that have arisen in the past few generations, since population genetics won't have time to lose any via genetic drift, or get rid of them through selective pressure. Many of these mutations will be unique, limited to an original founder …

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Physiology and Phenomenology 

The physiologist, at least traditionally, sees the body as separate parts that work together like a machine. For Merleau-Ponty, however, the body cannot be understood as separate parts but must be understand as a whole, as it is lived. The body as it is lived is an experiential body, a body that opens onto a …

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Hugh Everett in SciAm and on Nova 

Everett’s revolutionary analysis broke apart a theoretical logjam in interpreting the how of quantum mechanics. Although the many-worlds idea is by no means universally accepted even today, his methods in devising the theory presaged the concept of quantum decoherence— a modern explanation of why the probabilistic weirdness of quantum mechanics resolves itself into the concrete …

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