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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Bucky – 

Never before in all history have the inequities and the momentums of unthinking money-power been more glaringly evident to so vastly large a number of now literate, competent, and constructively thinking all-around-the-world humans. There‚Äôs a soon-to-occur critical-mass moment when the intuition of the responsibly inspired majority of humanity, in contradistinction to the angered Luddites and …

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Foucault’s Epistemology 

Foucault, Intro to Canguilhem's Normal and Pathological: In the end, both pose the same kinds of questions which must be addressed to a rationality which makes universal claims while developing in contingency; which asserts its unity but proceeds only by means of partial modification when not by general recastings; which authenticates itself through its own …

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Rational number – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Since the set of rational numbers is countable, and the set of real numbers is uncountable, almost all real numbers are irrational. via Rational number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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