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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Anonymity as Culture: CCC 

Though A-culture overlaps with the political activities of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street, those groups, in their partial or total earnestness, lack the former’s recreational spirit, and consequently factionalism can more easily prove terminal to them. A-culture’s seclusion facilitates homogeneity, and thus the persistence and autonomy of the space of play, which is A-culture’s only …

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drugs &/as culture 

Evolutionary and cognitive scientists are currently working to identify the brain areas engaged in the activities of assessing value, judging equivalence, and detecting cheaters, which are involved in any relation of social exchange. It would thus appear that we're hard-wired for trade―whose adaptive value is unquestionable e.g. procuring by barter the food that will balance …

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Carse’s Blog 

Carse’s Blog. belief vs. religion as finite vs. infinite games...

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