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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Rampuri & Hadot 

technosophy word. Have y'all ever heard of Baba Rampuri? He is an interesting cat. He traveled to India in 1969 and never came back, instead joined up with a group of ascetics called the Naga Babas, whose ancient order has since inducted him as their first international member. He has written a book about it, …

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Ortega’s Cogito 

categorealities I've been meaning to comment on Ortega for so long, I'm not sure I recall anymore what exactly it was that I had to say¬†; ) It's a good thing I annotated my copies of the readings for this class so carefully; I'll proceed to reconstruct my comments therefrom. I want to start with …

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Physiology and Phenomenology 

The physiologist, at least traditionally, sees the body as separate parts that work together like a machine. For Merleau-Ponty, however, the body cannot be understood as separate parts but must be understand as a whole, as it is lived. The body as it is lived is an experiential body, a body that opens onto a …

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