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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Dewey and Wittgenstein 

Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote a book called On Certainty. "As we have seen, Wittgenstein sought to uncover a type of certainty that is in fundamental relation with human action. This is a kind of certainty presupposed by specific inquires and language-games. It is grounded in our actual lives, and thus Wittgenstein offered a humanistic view of …

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Cavell on philosophical disciplinarity.. 

"When you wish to make serious art popular what you are wishing is to widen the audience for the genuine article.  Is this what someone wants who wants to widen the audience for philosophy by writing summaries or descriptions of philosophical works?  Or is he, as in the case of popular science, providing simplifications which …

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States and spaces 

"Cheerfulness, the good conscience, the joyful deed, confidence in the future -all of them depend, in the case of the individual as of a nation, on the existence of a line dividing the bright and discernible from the unilluminable and dark; on one's being just as able to forget at the right time as to …

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