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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Marx’s Letters 

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form. The critic can therefore start out from any form of theoretical and practical consciousness and from the forms peculiar to existing reality develop the true reality as its obligation and its final goal. As far as real life is concerned, it is precisely the …

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David Harvey | Full Stop 

I think there’s a strain of it in Marx; particularly in the early writings you see more of this Romanticist thinking. And it never really goes away. For instance, how can you really talk about notions of alienation without invoking some sense of dispossession and loss, and this search to regain an un-alienated existence? Now …

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Baudrillard’s Marx 

Baudrillard’s challenge to Marx is that his writing no longer explains contemporary society. In this, Marx, like all theorists, succumbs to unavoidable reversibility – the inversion which is the fate of every theory and critique Baudrillard, 1975:50. Baudrillard was also among the first to point out that we had already entered a post-Marxist age in …

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