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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Knowledge and Form 

This is why art must be given particular credit for extending the world of knowledge. The semblances constructed through artistic activity can often teach a good deal about their originals, but, more importantly, they teach the viewer about the nature of his or her perceptual images. It is largely in artistic productions that our culture …

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Weber’s Breakdown 

das wunderkind breaks it down, has one; why? seems to me mental illnesses of this type arise not due to uncertainty so much as to overcertainty; powerful theoretical lenses gather and focus streams of data like optical lenses focus rays of light. Too much, and you'll have a fire on your hands. The cognitive …

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For medicine, the population growth means that there will be a huge abundance of mutations that have arisen in the past few generations, since population genetics won't have time to lose any via genetic drift, or get rid of them through selective pressure. Many of these mutations will be unique, limited to an original founder …

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