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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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‘open thinking’ vs fact-seiving 

Instead of providing my boy with an extended opportunity to be curious, to imagine deeply and to think creatively, I reinforced one of the worst habits of our generation. I demonstrated to my boy that you can solve a problem without thinking. And, I won’t do that again. via Tips Up or Tips Down? | …

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Digital Composition (Reid) 

The word “glitch” is interesting in itself. It was first used by astronauts in 1962, specifically John Glenn, to describe a sudden change or spike in voltage. There is some contention that the word comes from German and Yiddish words for slipping. Perhaps there is a onomatopoetic quality to the term. If you could hear …

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Adams’ Fatality 

Identity, Historicity, Indeterminacy I would agree with Prof. McClintock that Adams' thought retains an acute relevance for contemporary educational thought. But I do think that this relevance is difficult to see. To me, Adams comes across as a bizarre, fascinating character, in that his attempts to ground an historiographical methodology in a Gibbsian statistical mechanics …

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Ortega’s Cogito 

categorealities I've been meaning to comment on Ortega for so long, I'm not sure I recall anymore what exactly it was that I had to say ; ) It's a good thing I annotated my copies of the readings for this class so carefully; I'll proceed to reconstruct my comments therefrom. I want to start with …

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Camus’ Aspirations 

Formative Capture and Interpretive Irreducibility I wanted to respond to our first class, albeit belatedly, and to the class as a whole, or some of its themes, as they emerged in our first discussion. I'm working from my notes. "There is a difference between what we know and how we grow" - I have this …

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