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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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It is by a complementary shift of attention that one may suddenly come to hear the familiar song of a blackbird or a thrush in a surprisingly new manner—not just as a pleasant melody repeated mechanically, but as active, meaningful speech. Suddenly, subtle variations in the tone and rhythm of that whistling phrase seem laden …

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drugs &/as culture 

Evolutionary and cognitive scientists are currently working to identify the brain areas engaged in the activities of assessing value, judging equivalence, and detecting cheaters, which are involved in any relation of social exchange. It would thus appear that we're hard-wired for trade―whose adaptive value is unquestionable e.g. procuring by barter the food that will balance …

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Ecogradients 2.2 – ‘Occupying Edutectures’ – Feb 14th Deadline for Submissions 

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Occupying Consider the ways in which knowledge is built, and the ways in which structures shape processes of inquiry and learning. Why is that we do not challenge the idea that people exist in space, yet we seem comfortable with the idea of information that is beyond …

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