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Taylor’s Info. 

There's a paper writ­ten by Jonathan Grudin from back in 1988, when I was still play­ing Ninja Tur­tles, which sug­gest­ed that many sys­tems de­signed to sup­port col­lab­o­ra­tive work were in fact ze­ro-sum: they abridged the work of some—usu­al­ly the pur­chas­ing man­agers—by gen­er­at­ing extra work for oth­ers. Decades later, it ap­pears not much has changed.In­for­ma­tion doesn't …

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Dorian Taylor’s Iconocodes 

The issue I have with code is that as a medi­um it is too damn pre­cise. You sim­ply can't op­er­ate over any con­cept until you have de­fined it ex­act­ly, whether or not it ex­hibits any fi­deli­ty to its ref­er­ent. Then there are the myr­i­ad con­sid­er­a­tions pe­cu­liar to the im­ple­men­ta­tion. It's like dig­ging the Pana­ma canal …

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Against Chairs 

If chairs are such a dumb idea, how did we get stuck with them? Why does our culture demand that we spend most of every day sitting on objects that hurt us? What the hell happened? It should be no surprise to readers of Jacobin that the answer lies in class politics. Chairs are about …

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