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gathering vapors, dispersing precipitates

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Our Friends With Benefits: On The Union Question | Unity and Struggle 

At times control over capital in the form of means of production and the ability to purchase labor power has been spread out more or less among the classes over time, but the fundamental fact that capital in the form of dead labor dominates living labor has not changed. Selling labor for a higher wage …

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Agamben’s Paroikia 

“In the eyes of the Church Fathers -as well as the eyes of those philosophers who have reflected on the philosophy of history, which is, and remains (even in Marx) an essentially Christian discipline- history is presented as a field traversed by two opposing forces.  The first of these forces -which Paul, in a passage …

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circulation vs. capitalization? 

"" Seth Godin tells about self-publishing his new book, Stop Stealing Dreams.

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drugs &/as culture 

Evolutionary and cognitive scientists are currently working to identify the brain areas engaged in the activities of assessing value, judging equivalence, and detecting cheaters, which are involved in any relation of social exchange. It would thus appear that we're hard-wired for trade―whose adaptive value is unquestionable e.g. procuring by barter the food that will balance …

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Bifo’s Biopolitics 

From Berardi, Bifo: "Biopolitics and Connective Mutation."  Culture Machine Vol.7, 2005 (link): In the last decades, the organism has been exposed to an increasing mass of neuro-mobilizing stimuli. The acceleration and intensification of nervous stimulants on the conscious organism seems to have thinned the cognitive film that we might call sensibility. The conscious …

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