Fuller’s Dimensionality

| April 23, 2012

Fuller was enthused and infused by the early century hype surrounding the “dimension” concept, with writers going everywhichway in their attempts to give a creative — perhaps breakthrough — spin to this signifier, now in “free fall” almost owing to its dislodging from Euclidean and Newtonian moorings. It was a heady time for all, not just Fuller. We are familiar with two of the resulting vectors operationally defined for “dimension”: Einstein’s and “time as the fourth dimension” talk, plus extrapolated Euclideanism, where 3-tuples become n-tuples, with Pythagorean distance remaining intact, giving us ‘dim 24’ sphere packings and the like Conway et al. We are less familiar with a third trajectory for ‘dimension’ and ‘4D’ in specific, which was Fuller’s. I trace the trajectory of “dimension” through his writings beginning with 4D Timelock in my paper On Redefining “Dimension” in Synergetics — showing where 4D ends up as a signifier for the tetrahedron primitive conceptuality in a “geometry of lumps”.

via Memo to Paul Ernest.