Florensky’s “Aesthetics of Morality”

| April 20, 2012

Florensky understood that in the creation of beauty, be it artistic or personal beauty, that we are inspired in our action from a spiritual ascent. However, we often prevent that ascent from achieving its final end, and therefore, create an illusionary shell which can confuse and overwhelm us. He recognized, therefore, that it is not just a spiritual experience, not just “transcendent beauty” for all ascent is transcendent that is needed. Rather, it is the incarnation of the spiritual realm into the earthly realm which creates the best, truest representation of beauty; anything else is an illusionary, satanic deception, no matter how beautiful it seems to be. Thus, we can be overwhelmed with a dark “evil” art, with an “angel of light” who deceives us, and traps us before attaining the fullness of spiritual and moral beauty.

via The Well At The World’s End: Florensky and the Aesthetics of Morality: Part IV.