Einsteins’s ‘Real’

| May 13, 2012

After what has been said, the “real” in physics is to be taken as a type of program, to which we are, however, not forced to cling a priori. No one is likely to be inclined to attempt to give up this program within the realm of the “macroscopic” location of the mark on the paper strip “real”. But the “macroscopic” and the “microscopic” are so inter-related that it appears impracticable to give up this program in the “microscopic” alone. Nor can I see any occasion anywhere within the observable facts of the quantum-field for doing so, unless, indeed, one clings a priori to the thesis that the description of nature by the statistical scheme of quantum-mechanics is final.

via Einsteins’s Reply to Criticisms in relation to Epistemological Problems in Atomic Physics.