Education’s Self-Hatred

| May 3, 2012

University is not a trade school. No one believes that they will get a degree in Philosophy, then get a job philosophizing. I have yet to find the English and Creative Writing factory in my neighbourhood. University education is about the power of knowledge, about expanding the breadth of the discourse by becoming informed, and by developing the skills to argue against hypocritical spoiled journalists like Wente.

The Globe columnist continues: “Canada…is awash in soc and psych majors. And soc and psych majors who refuse to venture beyond their comfort zone – linguistic, geographical, or ideological – face even dimmer prospects. Someone should have told them that by now. Sooner or later, they’ll find out, and it’s going to be a shock.”

The grand irony here is that the very degrees that Wente condemns are the ones that foster the contribution of intelligent argument, unlike the poorly thought-out rantings of a columnist preaching to her employed and unsympathetic choir. And most notably, they are the degrees that Ms. Wente herself holds, a fact that both Wente and The Globe and Mail made no mention of.

via Margaret Wente Hates Herself | Mike Spry.