Ecogradients 2.2 – ‘Occupying Edutectures’ – Feb 14th Deadline for Submissions

| January 29, 2012
OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Occupying Edutectures –

Consider the ways in which knowledge is built, and the ways in which structures shape processes of inquiry and learning. Why is that we do not challenge the idea that people exist in space, yet we seem comfortable with the idea of information that is beyond space. Do we know where is knowledge housed? Who can go there and how do we get there? Who are the gatekeepers and what do they want?

Michel Foucault wrote: “In the world of prisons, as in the world of dogs (‘lying down’ and ‘upright’), the vertical is not one of the dimensions of space, it is the dimension of power” (Foucault, “Force of Flight”, 1973). He also tells us that power “produces domains of objects and rituals of truth” (Foucault, Discipline and Punish, 1977, p. 194). If this means that power produces spaces, and regulates movement through these spaces, how can we challenge the totality of panopticism? What does it mean to occupy a space? To occupy education? To occupy knowledge? Does it matter where we put our bodies? In what ways do architectures, places, or structures modify the relationship between body, mind, and spirit? Are these distinctions useful any longer?

We welcome submissions from any and all interested parties. All types of media welcome: video, text, intertext, photography, poetry, sound, music, echoes, drawings, acrobatics, etc. Please contact the ecogradients editors at with questions, comments, and/or submissions by February 14th, 2012.