Comment from Hallward’s Guardian Article on the Montreal Protests

| June 4, 2012

bordercrossing1 June 2012 1:16PM

This is the document that laid the ideological groundwork for the hike in tuition fees.

This amazingly reductive manifesto is an argument made simply from fear of an ageing Quebec with flat population growth somehow ignoring the 17% growth in the birth rate since 2002. It utterly fails to imagine that a stable population will possibly have less unemployment, particularly as efficiencies are gained through technology. The authors still see Quebec as Canadians see themselves, lazily – only able to look backwards at a resource-driven economy – and they are completely uncritical of the buried impacts of the “successes” of the last thirty years, ie the public debt.So they say…”As early as 2012, there will be fewer and fewer people of working age and fewer young people, while the number of seniors continues to swell. This means we will be less dynamic, less creative and less productive.” Oh, really?They actually believe that the massively undereducated and inert workforce of the past will prove to have been more dynamic and more creative than tomorrow’s. Old farts.

All they are really saying is that the state subsidies used to animate the illusion of individual prosperity for the past 30 years cannot continue at the same rate. The cause of the problem is not the future workforce how can an indeterminate future condition be a cause? but the imbalance right now from their generation as they age and refuse to alter their contribution to society to offset the resources they want to extract in the form of public benefits. Which amounts to this, “we shamelessly refuse to borrow against the equity in our $500,000 properties to cover the quality of life we are demanding as we age, because we want to pass on to our children and only our children, the children of the propertied class the privileges we have always granted ourselves at the expense of the environment and the public purse.It is because the baby-boomers refuse to change that they insist that everybody else must.

Now, that’s serious entitlement………

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