Anonymity as Culture: CCC

| May 10, 2012

Though A-culture overlaps with the political activities of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street, those groups, in their partial or total earnestness, lack the former’s recreational spirit, and consequently factionalism can more easily prove terminal to them. A-culture’s seclusion facilitates homogeneity, and thus the persistence and autonomy of the space of play, which is A-culture’s only operational goal.Despite the general lack of seriousness, there is sincere commitment to the play space itself: to Encyclopædia Dramatica, to 4chan, and so on. To quote Huizinga again:

This “only pretending” quality of play betrays a consciousness of the inferiority of play compared with “seriousness,” a feeling that seems to be something as primary as play itself. Nevertheless, as we have already pointed out, the consciousness of play being “only a pretend” does not by any means prevent it from proceeding with the utmost seriousness, with an absorption, a devotion that passes into rapture and, temporarily at least, completely abolishes that troublesome “only” feeling. Any game can at any time wholly run away with the players. The contrast between play and seriousness is always fluid.

via Anonymity as Culture: Treatise – Triple Canopy.